The Big Stretch

with Alieta Belle & Jenny Blyth

The Big Stretch DVD presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes in becoming a mother. Women in different stages of pregnancy and preparing for a natural birth, reflect (with their partners) on how they and ‘stretched’ in everyway – emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You are invited to become intimately engaged, share in the transformation, and follow their stories to the first moments and days after birth.

Topics explored: breath awareness, pain and the intensity of birth, vaginal and body awareness, women’s challenges, asking for help, relationship and personal transformation.

Running time approx. 60 minutes. Made in Australia.

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The Big Stretch Sequel

with Alieta Belle & Jenny Blyth

After the wonderful revelations of The Big Stretch, prepare to stretch again, and stretch even further! Be uplifted, inspired, informed and impressed by committed and self-responsible parents. Through 13 individual chapters they show us how possible it is to work creatively with each unique birth and respond to challenges and the unexpected.

The Big Stretch Sequel explores the experiences of: a fast first birth with a big baby in compound presentation, a long first stage in a first birth, a long pre-labour, birth preparation for the first time, a previous difficult birth, birthing a baby stuck at the shoulders, a posterior labour, breastfeeding with inverted nipples, birthing after a previous VBAC with a 4th degree tear, a breech birth, an uncomfortable pregnancy, birthing twins and more.

This is a celebration of natural birth and the innate wisdom of parents and babies.

Running time approx. 2 hours. Made in Australia.

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A World of Birthworkers

Have you ever wondered how traditional birthworkers from different cultures begin to care for mothers and babies? Is it through dreams, lineage, ambition, or circumstance? What is their motivation? How do they develop their skills? What is challenging for them? What do they love about their work? How do they pass on their knowledge? How is their role and status changing with the globalization of medical birth care?

Meet 13 traditional and autonomous birthworkers from 10 different countries – Ester from Guatemala, Gloria from Canada, Mother from India, Sana from the Philippines, Evelyn from Barbados, Amina from Turkey, Jenny from Australia, Chongnaihy from Cambodia, Cristina from Mexico, and Thao Sy, Nang Khamdy, Mai Dao and Nan Seng from Laos.

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