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The Big Stretch Sequel

Included with the Big Stretch Sequel DVD is a 30 minute DVD Extra Birth & the Blues – a poignant expose on the nature of depression.  Follow 6 women on their inner search to understand their experiences, and learn about the strategies they found helpful.

“As we are made mostly of water… In birth, the fluid that we are allows our bodies to reshape and our boundaries to soften and dissolve, connecting us to an ocean of infinite space and possibility. Surrendering to the life-force flow, we are able to expand and stretch beyond our beliefs, our expectations and our limits”

Here's what people are saying about The Big Stretch Sequel:

I loved, loved, loved the film... and like your first film, it evoked such a warm feeling in my heart and tears flowing down my face. What a wonderful and beautiful job you all did in putting it together. It is really great to have empowering birth videos that not only show the births but woman sharing their thoughts, fears, ways of dealing with and joys of birth and parenthood. I will be recommending your resources to others. Christine Reeves

What a beautifully inspiring movie. It was lovely to watch birthing at its very best. Looking forward to more movies. Keryn Vettoretto

Very powerful! The real birth story needs to be told and this is a collection of real, raw birth stories. I feel so proud to be a woman who knows how amazing we are. Leilarni

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