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Included is a 20 minute DVD Extra on Baby Massage. Follow a mother’s tender communication with her baby as she lovingly teaches him about his body through massage.

Also included is the fantastic 20 page Big Stretch Booklet – to be used in conjunction with the DVD. Featuring questions and topics gleaned from The Big Stretch DVD, this booklet is designed to stimulate insight and spirited discussion about birthing options, experiences and feelings. Together, the booklet and DVD become an inspiring and valuable resource for pregnant women, their families, birth educators, and anyone supporting birthing mothers.

‘Our deepest wish is to empower women with childbearing wisdom…through sharing the experiences, creativity and authority of mothers and fathers. As a consequence, may our children grow strong of heart, always remembering totrust the innate wisdom of body, mind and spirit.’

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The Big Stretch represents a new genre of birth film. It is a highly creative work, fusing interviews with expectant parents, birth footage, animation, poetry, still photos & music – to carry the viewer on an intensely uplifting and emotional journey, lasting over an hour.

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The Luscious Women & Babies of The Big Stretch

The Luscious Women & Babies of The Big Stretch

Here's what Mothers, Fathers & Birthworkers are saying about The Big Stretch:

"I feel more connected with myself as a woman even though I have never birthed a child. This film has given me hope" Leis

"Amazing and very scary and real. Inspired as a first time mum to look at and work through my fears and really know myself. Thankyou" Anon

"Absolutely wonderful. I wish I'd seen it any of the 3 times I was pregnant- have to have another one. Every woman should see it." Anna

I first saw a glimpse of ‘The Big Stretch’ when Sarah Buckley, M.D. showed a brief clip at the first Trust Birth Conference in California in March of 2008. I then started my quest to get a N. American formatted copy. I guess that Jody McLaughlin from Compleat Mother was just as impressed because she started selling the DVD through her website and I ordered one right away. I have shown it to hundreds of pregnant women here in Canada. Everyone loves it. We think you Australian women have a great attitude towards nudity and your lovely bodies. It's very nice to see one naked man riding a bicycle in the film, too.

What really touches and inspires me about it is that it is all about the birthing women and not about the helpers. Birth is the mother's great journey and this film is a frank and open exploration of all the hills and valleys. Thanks so much for making it. Gloria Lemay

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