The Big Stretch Sequel

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After the wonderful revelations of The Big Stretch, prepare to stretch again, and stretch even further! Be uplifted, inspired, informed and impressed by committed and self-responsible parents. Through 13 individual chapters they show us how possible it is to work creatively with each unique birth and respond to challenges and the unexpected.

The Big Stretch Sequel explores the experiences of: a fast first birth with a big baby in compound presentation, a long first stage in a first birth, a long pre-labour, birth preparation for the first time, a previous difficult birth, birthing a baby stuck at the shoulders, a posterior labour, breastfeeding with inverted nipples, birthing after a previous VBAC with a 4th degree tear, a breech birth, an uncomfortable pregnancy, birthing twins and more.

This is a celebration of natural birth and the innate wisdom of parents and babies.

Running time approx. 2 hours. Made in Australia.

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Included with the Big Stretch Sequel DVD is a 30 minute DVD Extra Birth & the Blues – a poignant expose on the nature of depression.  Follow 6 women on their inner search to understand their experiences, and learn about the strategies they found helpful.

“As we are made mostly of water… In birth, the fluid that we are allows our bodies to reshape and our boundaries to soften and dissolve, connecting us to an ocean of infinite space and possibility. Surrendering to the life-force flow, we are able to expand and stretch beyond our beliefs, our expectations and our limits”

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