I’ve been working with natural birth for over 35 years, supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early parenting in South East Queensland, Australia. I have been informed and inspired by the mothers and families I have had the privilege to serve; by ongoing trainings in bodywork and touch; by Buddhist philosophy and psychology; and by our precious existence on our precious planet.

I describe myself as an independent birth educator, bodyworker and birthworker. I offer private bodywork consultations in pregnancy and post birth for those who have extraordinary or chronic pelvic discomforts, or who are simply curious or motivated toward realising physiological potential or healing from previous experiences. The bodywork is gentle and addresses tensions, restrictions and imbalances in the external and internal pelvic space. I also offer private birth preparation sessions.

I have been facilitating Birthwork Workshops since 2000. These wisdom-in-action workshops explore the many facets of working with birth. They also promote the reality of peaceful and compassionate birth through growing self-awareness and skills.

Since 2005 I have been teaching Birthwork – Creative Ways of Making Space for Babies Workshops with the wonderful Fiona Hallinan. We love teaching together, and we are excited to be passing on what has been invaluable to us. We enjoy the immensely rewarding dynamic created by having a mix of professionals and parents interacting, touching, and communicating with each other.

In 2019 I became a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer which means I am part of the Spinning babies® Team and can teach Spinning Babies® Workshops anywhere in the world.

With filmmaker Alieta Belle, I have co-created 2 films about natural birth called The Big Stretch & The Big Stretch Sequel. And I have also created a film called A World of Birthworkers, exploring how traditional birthworkers from different countries around the world come to be in service to the birth givers in their communities. I have also written 2 books on natural birth – Birthwork and The Down to Earth Birth Book.

Since 2016 I have been project co-ordinator for Lao Birthwork, teaching hands-on and emergency skills to health staff in remote areas of Northern Laos.

I live a quiet life in the bush on Butchulla country with my life partner Warren. We have 3 wonderful grown children and are grandparents.

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E37-Birthwork Jenny Blyth’s Journeys-Birth in the 80’s Liberated Hospital and Home Births


After the awesome birth my first child, I was inspired to make a creative Birth Film, centred around sharing the core insights women receive as they experience pregnancy and birth.  I remember a woman telling me that she didn’t experience birthing as ‘pain’ but as a ‘nice stretch’ and hence the title of the film(s) was born… ‘The Big Stretch’ speaks of how we can transform perceived ideas of birth, share our experiences and find avenues that inspire and encourage satisfying birth experiences. It has been a fantastic journey working with Jenny Blyth to create these two films over many years. A strong part of my creative energy is spent being the mother of 3 beautiful children!

I have a background in Visual Arts and teaching Arts, and over 20 years experience producing digital video and editing projects with media studio Earth Base Productions. My focus has been to create projects with intrinsic cultural value. See

I believe the Big Stretch and Big Stretch Sequel (co-created with Jenny Blyth) are both works of art and a valuable offering to the world.


I came into the world of birth in 1989.

After realizing that I could no longer work in palliative care as a young nurse crying every day, I was directed to midwifery by a wise nurse manager. She told me to become a midwife ‘where it’s 99% happy and 1% sad’. So I did. And I’ve never looked back.

I have worked in private and public midwifery settings and then settled into private practice. I was involved in graduate midwifery programs in hospitals for some years.

I love birth and I love teaching. I am unashamedly proud of being a pelvic geek. My dear trusted friend, Jenny Blyth and I have been teaching Birthwork Workshops for many years on our own and now enjoy each other’s company and perspectives when we teach together. 

Our workshops are deliberately 4 days where enough time is given to allow integration of the information. Our focus is on coming together as women to learn about our own bodies. When we understand our own birthing goods we can share this understanding with birthing women, rather than ‘do things’ to birthing women.

I also share Internal Pelvic Release to women preparing for birth; to women healing from birth; to women with trauma unrelated to birth; to women who are curious about their ‘sacred space’. This work is taught in a private environment 1:1 or with a woman’s partner present.

I like Jen, am a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer and deliver 1 & 2 day Spinning Babies® Workshops.

Jen has been nagging me for some time now to write about this beautiful work! So watch this space…

I have a beautiful husband, 2 amazing children and 2 fantastic stepchildren, and gorgeous grandchildren. I am Melbourne based.


I have been working with birth and bodywork since 1998 and can honestly say that my passion, sense of inspiration and gratitude for this work is growing stronger all the time!

I support birthing families in the capacity of a Doula and Childbirth Educator, and provide Bodywork to people of all ages and stages of life with a speciality in pelvic balance and wellbeing.

I also facilitate a weekly Parenting Circle, a monthly Birth Circle, Birth Preparation Workshops for Couples and Blessing Way Ceremonies.

All aspects of my work strive to honour the sacred and more inner landscapes of life – to carve out interludes to slow down, cultivate presence, listen deeply to oneself, one’s body, one’s baby and create community and kinship.

My education has been diverse. In addition to my certified trainings are many years of cherished mentoring and apprentice-like tuition, and the delving into different fields of traditionally inspired bodywork and spirituality. I have gathered an array of treasured skills and practices.

Since 2016 I have been part of the Lao Birthwork Team, teaching hands-on and emergency skills to health staff in remote areas of Northern Laos. I absolutely love being a part of this amazing initiative and sharing in the reciprocity of all that our travel and teachings in Laos offer.

I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley, in Victoria, on Wurundjeri land, am a mother of 3 strong natured children, a homemaker, lover of community, world music and wild nature.