Facilitated by Jenny Blyth & Fiona Hallinan


Experience the nurturing dynamic that is created when participants together interact to discover the natural wonders of their own bodies! Learn to tenderly and effectively work with communication and touch to help others in pregnancy, birth and beyond. See and experience the body beyond what you believed was possible.
These workshops present an extraordinary blend of body knowledge, body awareness, body work and profoundly attentive tender touch – that has been appreciated by hundreds of parents-to-be, midwives, doulas, osteopaths, chiropractors, and bodyworkers.
This is a unique perspective that creatively weaves complex anatomy and soft tissue knowledge into easy yet highly effective hands-on body skills.
All of this essential birth knowledge and invaluable material is shared in a relaxed style.
It is practical and do-able in any birth environment. All of this information can be easily passed on and shared.

This is a body of fundamental knowledge missing from conventional (professional) midwifery, doula and birth education training.
Whatever your background, there is always more to discover.

Don’t miss this precious opportunity to delve deeper into effective ways of facilitating birth and positively enhancing your practice.

Between them, Jenny & Fiona have 60+ years experience working with birthing women and their bodies, and facilitating workshops.
They are highly intuitive and skilled bodyworkers with a particular fascination for exploring and understanding women’s bodies in relation to birth. They have assisted an enormous number of women to connect with, understand, admire, prepare and heal their sacred pelvic space.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting us for a workshop in your country or community. We are happy to work with parents, birthworkers, bodyworkers and mixed groups of both. We are also able to tailor a workshop or presentation according to your theme or needs.


The most beautiful and inspiring birth workshop I’ve ever attended. Thanks for providing such a warm and safe place where we learned so much about the art of midwifery. You passed on treasures of knowledge. I was also loved and honoured as a woman and was able to release old suppressed feelings. Gabi

Enlightening, awakening, inspiring, respectful, comforting, and most of all nourishing. The workshop was so moving. I feel it gave me not only skills for my birthwork, but skills for life! Lisa

Excellent presentation. I loved the energy, the space, the information, the honesty and the time shared. Kate Perham, mother & midwife

Fantastic and transforming – a new beginning! I enjoyed the exercises to teach women I work with, and learning so much more about the pelvis and our wonderful birthing bodies than I ever knew. Sue

Blown away! I have learnt an incredible amount of information – it has been a revelation! I am inspired and look forward to integrating the info into my pratice. Gabby

I enjoyed filling up the toolbox, doing the exercises and hands-on, and the focus on the difference you can make by just being lovingly present. Kylie

Great workshop. So glad I came. Good pace, good balance between listen & learn and hands on practice and exploration. Ulrike, mother, yoga teacher and birth educator

It opened up the other side of midwifery within me that I kept mainly to myself the last 2 years. Ulyana, mother & midwife

Excellent! So much info, so inspiring, so useful! Ellie Young, mother and birth support

Wonderful. Full of lots of information, very opening. Spiritual, practical, gentle. Robin

It was a most blissful, enlightening, educational, nurturing space and time. I learnt a lot, and it built my confidence to give things a go. Erika, mother & doula

Your dynamic together is magical. Wonderful and generous wisdom. Abundant humour. Truly a safe space. I loved having the time and space to follow the organic exploration of what came up in the workshop. And I especially loved the pelvic anatomy. Melody, midwife

You have re-ignited my passion for working in birth and helped me learn what I can bring to my work. Amber

Workshops 2024

Feb 23-25, March 23-24, April 20-21, May 18-19

Internal Pelvic Release Work Mentorship Programme
with Jenny Blyth & Andrea Lopez
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Venue: Secrets from the Honey Tree, Memorial Dve, Eumundi, QLD
Click here for details and to register

April 15-16

Spinning Babies® 2 Day Workshop
with Jenny Blyth
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Venue: Soul Space, 23 Parker St, Newmarket, Brisbane
Click here for details and to register

April 27-28 & May3-4

Birthwork Downunder Workshop Series
Part 1 Making Amazing Space for Babies
Part 2 Making Amazing Space in the Pelvis – Advanced Bodywork Skills for Pelvic Balance & Comfort
with Jenny Blyth
Brunswick Heads, Northern New South Wales
Click here for details and to register

The content of the DVDs and books featured on this website offer many possibilities for enriching perspective, and learning and sharing skills.

Since their release, both The Big Stretch & The Big Stretch Sequel have been showcased through screenings in various communities, birth conferences, festivals and workshops around Australia and overseas.

For anyone interested in gaining even further insight into the creation of The Big Stretch DVD series, Alieta & Jenny are available to:

present the film and the uplifting ethos behind its creation.
workshop material from the Big Stretch Booklet in conjunction with the film.
run filmmakers forums to inspire creative process.

And the books Birthwork & The Down to Earth Birth Book, with their positive philosophical thread and various awareness exercises, also provide great opportunities for discussion and interactive workshops.

You are welcome to invite Jenny to:

  • facilitate body & birth workshops
  • explore aspects of birthwork & the birthing process
  • present her books

We are happy to work with communities of parents and birthworkers and mixed groups of both. We are also able to tailor a workshop or presentation according to your theme or needs.

Please contact us for details if you are interested.