The Big Stretch Sequel Reviews

‘The Big Stretch Sequel’ is a delight. While I really enjoy, and sell on my website, the first ‘Stretch’ the ‘Sequel’ enters a new dimension in depth and breadth.

As with the first film this is a presentation by birthing parents and for birthing parents. THEY ARE THE EXPERTS! They are the ones we can learn the most from. They are the ones who are in their early family experience now and so willingly and eloquently share it with us. And, from these experts, we learn about the whole spectrum of birth preparation, birth itself (in many forms) and indeed the whole of this primal time. Throughout the Sequel we have the unique opportunity to eaves drop on the joy, the unpredictable, the hoped for, and even the disappointments the very human events surrounding birth provide.

Oh that all expectant couples, and everyone who attends to birth, were able to see this masterpiece representing early family life. A triumph for our humanity.

Patrick Houser, author Fathers-To-Be Handbook, co-founder, lecturer and workshop leader.


Very powerful! The real birth story needs to be told and this is a collection of real, raw birth stories. I feel so proud to be a woman who knows how amazing we are. Leilarni


I absolutely loved the movie. I really feel that this is such valuable issues for both Mums and birth workers – to hear about challenging, but beautiful births, and for me, seeing too much rubbish in hospital, it was so confirming to see all these challenges being overcome and hear how it was for the mothers. I can’t recommend it enough! Pernille, mother, doula, birth educator


Ok, this is what I thought – it was super amazing! A birth DVD with so much soul. I’ve watched it twice already!

What I loved most is that it is so much more than a parade of women giving birth. Sharing the insights of the families gained over a few years (and births) is incredible. It’s the birth movie that picks up where so many wonderful ones end. Instead of thinking: ‘I wonder what the rest of the story was with that woman…’, I felt invited into such a beautiful, intimate space. It’s about how the women birthed their babies and met themselves as mothers. I love: the rawness of the women’s stories; the amazing nature which is such a presence – so lush and juicy; the exceptionally beautiful words of the men; mothers and daughters looking each other in the eyes and speaking with truth, honesty and respect. It just doesn’t get any better really!

Deep thanks to the women and their families for the commitment to such a beautiful gift for everyone interested in birth and making families. Kiersten Quinn – birth attendant


I finally watched yesterday “The Big Stretch Sequel”.  I enjoyed so much, didn’t feel the time was running.  So exciting, soft, feminine, loving. A film about families, mothers of all ages, partnerships. Again, great music, great visuals (loved the visualizing of people coming out of a tannel), great women, men, children, great inspiration.  I liked the fact that you almost don’t see gloves in the film, but just naked hands catching the babies.  And I liked very much the fact that there are so many important subjects inside.  Vbac, breech, huge babies, twins… difficulties in breast feeding, blues (the additional chapter). And it was exciting to see some of the women again, and to see that one of them had finally a great homebirth, after the previous time she ended in hospital. And it was so exciting to see the fathers catching the babies !!!   Beautiful !!!  Loved each frame. I felt like I watched so many films together And ending with the massage is great !!! Miri


From those in it…

‘The Sequel’ is beautiful! Thoroughly enjoyed it! It covers a very broad and valuable spectrum of topics and is presented with such beauty and vibrance. The film quality is really impressive and the balance between themes of a light and uplifting nature and those of greater depth and endurance is really great. You’ve gestated and birthed a totally gorgeous creation yet again! Congratulations. Stef


I’m so proud to be apart of something like this…like a birthing revolution so to speak…it’s really out of the box & real. Makes people open up to birth I feel rather than shut down with fears. You are doing amazing things for the consciousness and preconceived belief systems & ideas on birth in mainstream school of thought. It’s a big field & you are out there gracefully & non-judgmentally leading it, holding the space…within yourself for everyone…to believe birth can be as it is and needs to be in all that it is individually for us all . Like I said I’m so proud of this work you & Alieta have put together & to be apart of it personally. Thank you. And Thank you for asking me to share my story. All my love, Lu


From the Melbourne Screening, Maternity Coalition 21.6.12

As a midwifery student, that was a truly delightful and wonderful film. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankyou.

Gorgeous film. Thankyou for putting together and sharing such inspiring stories.

Love the footage and the stories the women and husbands shared with us. Blessings to the families and thankyou. Jen Horstrand.

It was such an interesting and engaging doco of birth. I loved the combination of really clear footage and the softer grainy low light footage. It created a strong contrast during the actual birthings, which were so intimate. I cried many times, and am so grateful that I have seen such private images. The dance at the beginning was delightful. At first I wasn’t quite sure why you chose to make the oval mask filter over the top of the first dance as it moves into the first story, but I understood it by the end of the film – the tunnel. Good luck with future work. Thankyou so much.


After a preview screening in Melbourne – November 2011

I feel much more capable for my impending first birth.

Fabulous! I love the honesty expressed and captured

Really deeply inspiring and reaffirming.

The women are amazing and all so incredibly different. I felt their pain and joy.

A great insight to natural births.

Really loved it! Loved the reality check. Can’t wait to show my partner.

Should be compulsory for all school students and families to be. Great choices of women and births. An amazing thing about this is the consistency of all the women and how connected they are with themselves. Valuable!

Very inspiring to see the strength of women again and again. Reminded me of ‘Spiritual Midwifery’- the perspective being from the women and a series of birth stories.

Thankyou so much for your beautiful work. I loved it so much.

I loved everything. The people, the stories, the music. Amazed by the birth where you see the baby’s head rotate…that was precious to witness.

Touching and beautiful and a pleasure to watch.


The official launch, Sunshine Coast 25.4.12

Such a beautiful and moving film. As a not-yet mother, it’s inspiring and scary and galvanizing all at once. Amazing to see women and their men rising to this most human, most animal of challenges. It touched my heart. – Nell


Just so beautiful to see a journey into the depths of birth and everything that goes with it. Wonderful piece on ‘Birth and The Blues’ – thankyou for giving voice to these darker places few are comfortable to be with. So sorely needed in the mothering journey. Ellie


This movie touched me to my core – heart moving, intimately connecting. Thankyou.

Your work brings so much magnificent healing energy and love to so many people and the universe. Thankyou for all your hard, loving focus and light. Nadja


Congratulations on a most empowering collection of beautiful birth stories! – Andrea Bicket


Inspiring, uplifting…it’s real, it’s birth, it’s raw, it’s powerful. An amazing look into the way birth truly is…thankyou for putting in the energy to create such an awesome film. Lee Rudder


Watching your film was a deeply moving experience – knowing that every woman’s story and journey has something that relates to each of us. My heart is filled with tears, laughter and joy. Jemma


Beautiful! I feel truly honoured to be invited into the lives of so many amazing women and their families. Tears to the eyes, it touched my core.

Thankyou Jenny and Alieta for sharing such beautiful, provocative images and stories. My hope is for all women to share this and recreate a birthing culture of love and healing. Thanks also to the families that opened their hearts and homes for this. Anibe


Loved it! Perfect for me to see right now before my babe arrives. Meg


Wow! What a stretch this was! Much gratitude for having made this resource for us all. Dani


Such a fine sequel to ‘The Big Stretch’. I loved seeing and hearing the birth stories of these amazing women and their partners. It showed the depth and broadness of women’s birthing experiences. The support that we are surrounded in is huge and so influential to our experience. Thankyou with all my heart. Carlie


Fantastic info for my daughters and friends and grandchildren. Wonderful! Vonny


The film was truly inspiring and uplifting. To know people’s stories brings us together – can’t wait for the next baby! Karla


Such a wonderful resource to enlighten and inspire women to the wondrous possibilities of natural home birth. Liz, a young mother-to-be


Wonder-filled women. Thankyou for the gentle guidance through this stage of my life, for the inspiration shared by your hearts and for creating beautiful things.

These films have touched so many people and have been part of shaping inspirational births that are being shared and spread into mainstream. Sacred births are our birthright and you are helping women claim this back into their hearts. Jayne


…and from those in ‘The Big Stretch Sequel’

I love The Big Stretch family. It’s become a great part of my life. Thankyou. The Sequel was worth all the time and effort. Margie Wegener & family


Thankyou Jenny And Alieta for holding and creatively working with our so precious, intimate and terrifying moments in our lives. I feel honoured to be a part of the project and I’m sure it will shine into the future of birthing. Julia, with Rufus, Henrietta & Oberon


The gift of knowledge and wisdom that you have given to women is truly inspiring! Thankyou. Jenni, Greg & children


The new DVD is awesome! So much depth… It’s good to get all the stories out there, especially the Extra – it’s great to present the balance. Ben


Thankyou so much for this uplifting and inspiring film. I feel so blessed to be part of it. Gen, Serge, Emma, Oliver & Stella.


What a movie! Such beauty, honesty and inspiration. I’m so touched and proud to be a part of such a wonderful film. Thanks for your artistic prowess, sensitivity and dedication to make a movie that honours birth and our journeys. Jane Welsh


Truly spectacular! An absolutely empowering, gentle, loving, smiley and gracious portrayal of the birth process. Drs Randall & Sarah Farrant


I thought it was perfect – did not even phase me that it was so long. When it ended I thought, no way, has it been 2 hrs?! I can get a bit impatient with the slower pace of Aussie speaking but did not notice this at all as the women were so articulate and most of what they spoke about was so full of depth that any faster speaking would take away from the richness.

I loved how it showed that exquisitely painful and beautifully intense place women go in labour where they are at the breaking point but never break. Summer’s birth was brilliant in showing this – so, so powerful but never overpowered completely. This was a very honestly raw film in a very good – and needed – way. Real raw birth. Nice choices of editing too, such as leaving the spaces of time that happen after the head but before the rest of the baby.

I just feel so much admiration for all the women – Tereza is so clear and strong, Jane so beautiful and soft, Sarah so Sarah, and all the others. Their stories need to be told and they tell them perfectly. SO much insight and articulation. The music was divine and so fitting for each chapter and the influence of different people’s music abilities showed what community oriented thing this whole home birthing experience is. Danielle


I just sat down to watch the film, and I am speechless …. far out.  Wow… you and Aleita did a breathtaking job… I feel honored and blessed to be part of it , and to be surrounded by a community of such beautiful women… thankyou. thankyou. Thankyou for bringing it all together in such an earnest beautiful way. Anon

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