The Down to Earth Birth Book Reviews

I purchased your book back in August last year, and have enjoyed it immensely. So much information, I discover something new each time I open its pages!

I just received Jenny’s new book in the post, it is absolutely beautiful!! A compendium of truly amazing wisdom, and sublimely lush in aesthetic. A stunning example of what the birth world needs now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Melody Bourne


‘The Down to Earth Birth Book’ is a must read for any pregnant woman. It is concise and easy to navigate. It is free from medical jargon and is packed full of information, ideas, remedies and suggestions from early pregnancy right through to the postnatal period. I love this book so much that I have bought 10 copies of it so that none of my clients miss out on reading it. I often hand it to woman at their first antenatal appointment and I don’t get it back until their 6 week postnatal check. They love it as much as I do. Thankyou Jenny for putting together such a wonderful resource.
Jo Hunter

‘The Down To Earth Birth Book’ is quite simply a revolutionary work in the realm of pregnancy and birth. In a perspective seldom seen, this book explores the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond in a way which empowers the woman with information she can use to fully know herself, her baby and to be her own care provider. Birth does not belong to medical establishment in this book but to women, just as it should.

Connection with one’s self and baby provides a strong foundation for women to fully embrace motherhood and also instills the strength and freedom to care, heal and be self-sufficient in the growing-up of one’s family. I believe this viewpoint on returning birth to women helps create healthy mothers, fathers, babies, families and thus, society as a collective. The ‘Down to Earth Birth Book’ is groundbreaking in this approach.

It is beautifully written with language that inspires and the imagery and illustrations are fantastic. The double page photo spread is utterly beautiful and offers a view into the world of birth as nature intended. It is written with heart and honesty and can is useful on so many levels from nutrition, to bodywork and breastfeeding.

‘The Down To Earth Birth Book’ by Jenny Blyth is a genuine must-read for every pregnant mama and a priceless resource for those that support and work with birth.

Eleanor Young

Jenny, your book is incredible! Definitely a classic.

I’ll be giving your book a good going over. It is so beautiful and extremely useful, I can’t wait to put it all into action. I love the pages at the back, and I think it is very well directed to parents who are wanting to make right choices that suit their own situation. I love the fact that it is unbiased and so encouraging for any woman who is wanting to have ownership of the birthing experience.

Student Midwife & Mother

Nat Brouard bought me your ‘Down to Earth Birth Book’ and ‘The Big Stretch 2’ as I prepare for our homebirth of our third child due next month and I just want to thank you for making them, I have thoroughly enjoyed them and found them so helpful have been sharing to everyone I meet about them, my midwives have now purchased them also for their collection.


I purchased your book back in August last year, and have enjoyed it immensely. So much information, I discover something new each time I open its pages!


A year or so ago whilst walking through a shopping arcade in a town by the sea in South-west WA, I stopped, and headed back to the shop window where A book caught my eyes- “The down to Earth Birth Book” This book was amazing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every time I went to that town I would always call into to this shop to read more. I was so happy that I had found someone who had created a book reflecting my own beliefs and wishes for giving birth. I loved everything about it, the pics, the photos. I wondered why I had such a huge pull to the book as I wasn’t pregnant but I really wanted to buy it and be with it daily!

During this stage I was also having dreams of being pregnant and meeting my daughter. My indigenous friends shared their beliefs with me telling me that when they dream of a child, it means they will be meeting their real child soon. I was really confused as wasn’t in any position to be pregnant as had no partner and the one I was in love with me did not love me back. I continued making connections in other forms to a little child spirit and close friends would suggest that I’d be a mother soon!

I had to leave Australia Sept ‘13 as my VISA expired. I was so upset as this was the first time I had felt at home and connected with the land.

I have been feeling really lost and disconnected from the universe since I returned to England 6 months ago and really home-sick from the community I was part of when living in WA, OZ amongst the Wardani people. I haven’t connected with any one here since my return and feeling just very lonely. My motivation is my Baby growing inside me- Yes! I am now 32 weeks pregnant! – Being pregnant came as a beautiful surprise, most amazing, happiest time of my life when i was given the news in India (just after my partner and I split up)… but I have been having mental/physical problems coping with not the fact I’m doing this alone, but fact that I am so far away from my home land, in the bushlands of WA. instead living in a little box flat in a busy town – it is the last way I imagined being pregnant and giving birth. I hope to make plans to get back to WA or somewhere with a natural lifestyle that I will enjoy, as soon as my little cub is born and strong.

But today you have given me such hope and a happy little flame is now burning in my heart at last after receiving The Down to Book Earth Book in the post from OZ that i ordered last month. I will enjoy this evening reading through the book as having to cope with all the doctors and nurse appointments drilling me in fear and negativity with pregnancy issues and giving birth has been challenging, I’m trying to block them out and keep true to myself and am pushing for a perfect home birth even if it will take place in my little concrete patio square in my urban flat!

After receiving the Birth book today, it gave me so much positive energy for making my home-birth plan come true, I faced the fact that I will not be back in WA, and so I went out and bought a paddling pool and a chimenea to put inside my earth coloured hexagonal tent I already have which fits perfectly in my courtyard area– so now I can give birth in water surrounded with fire and air with the feeling of being in a ti-pi.

So thank you so much for the creation of this book this book that has been with me for the last few years giving me so much hope! Perhaps I’m the only one in UK who has this book- I hope to share it with other folk.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful book, it was my bible whilst pregnant and for many weeks afterwards.
Tamara Lecky-Thomson

I have been meaning to thank you for your involvement in my most recent birth. Which may seem odd, considering you weren’t there. I gave birth to my third son, Arlo, on 23rd August (7wks ago). It was my third birth, and my best yet. I put it down to preparation. I did a lot of preparation mentally, emotionally and spiritually this time and went into the labour with great peace and courage. I had to work through quite a lot of ‘stuff’ to arrive at the place I did within myself and I feel like your offerings played a big part in that. Birth Work, Big Stretch 1 & 2, the Down to Earth Birth Book, were all such profound, useful and touching resources. The heart and detail that you have poured into these resources is an incredible gift for the mothers and families of this world. You write in an incredibly potent way. The texts are empowering, informative and really spoke to me as a pregnant reader with great tenderness and clarity. The films that you have produced with Aleita were really so important in my confronting the realities of labour, and in feeling solidarity with the birthing mothers all around and throughout history. Birth is really such an intimate private experience and yet it is universal and touches everyone. A lot of the reflections from the women featured in the Stretch films offered me tools of perception in labour… of being fully in the experience, but also of watching that power move through me, of being in awe of it, of going with it. Your voice (from the footage) came through very clearly to me as Arlo was crowning and helped to find focus and calm during that final (fast yet slow-motioned) step. I am continuing to refer to the Down to Earth book as Arlo moves through this early stage in his life.

Thank you again for you gifts and work. Your offerings are a beautiful and profound contribution to the world. Love and light,